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Capacity building


‘This is the best professional development I have ever experienced: it is all so usable’.

‘This program could have replaced about three others on leadership, conflict resolution and professional conversations—so much in one program! I have already been recommending this everywhere.’ 

The art of BEiNG facilitative 

Facilitation is increasingly recognised as a key capability for leading, developing and sustaining complex organisations and communities.  This is a unique opportunity to attend a program that integrates a personal and professional approach to the art and craft of facilitation.

In this four- day series highly participative and interactive workshops

You will learn about effective facilitation; you will see it modelled. You will have a chance to apply your new skills in small groups.  

Why this program is valuable for your organisation and your people?

Rapidly changing and increasingly complex work environments require us each to adopt a facilitative style of working to make the most of new opportunities and achieve new business imperatives with our people and our clients

As a result of the skills learned in this program:

  • Meetings, consultation forums and facilitated workshops will achieve real business outcomes in shorter timeframes

  • Critical difficult conversations will happen in a way that supports productivity and relationships

  • More powerful outcomes with clients and customers will be achieved 

  • The tools and approach will rub off on others, increasing the impact of these benefits throughout the business

What makes this different from other facilitation and development programs?

  • Participants do the work: they trial practical tools in real time with constant feedback to maximise their ability to apply in the workplace

  • The program not only focuses on a wide selection of tools, but also prepares each participant to step into a “facilitative” way of working

  • Application of tools and shifts in ways of working and relating are tested and refined in the breaks between program days

Who will benefit from this workshop series?

  • Leaders, Team Leaders, Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers

  • Facilitators, Consultants , Coaches, Trainers 

  • HR and OD specialists and internal consultants

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